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sita agni pariksha

Sita’s Agni Pariksha

Sita’s Agni Pariksha has always been a controversial issue. It makes up for a great dinner or coffee time conversations, surely, but post the discussions being steered into another direction, we forget about the...
that long silence book

That Long Silence- The Muted Tale of Indian Housewives

Of late, the housewives, (some of whom refuse to go by this title and opt for ‘homemakers’ instead), have managed to achieve the credit which was due since long… After all, society conveniently mutes...
Postcolonial Literature in India

5 Books of The Post-Colonial Era For The Enlightened Indian

Many countries have experienced colonialism. After what seemed to be an endless struggle and fight, the countries managed to gain the much sought-after independence. This era was very integral in the generation of the intellectual...
Jhoothan book cover

‘Joothan’- The Black Mirror of India

In current times, the issue of subaltern and caste-based reservations is quite a controversy in India. This issue has never failed to spark riots and cause days of upheaval in the country, repeatedly. Subalterns...