Woody Allen

Woody Allen – Filmmaker as Commentator and His 16 Best Films

Woody Allen is one of the finest filmmakers the cinema has ever produced. An artistic journey that started off as a comic writer for a daily newspaper, soon nurtured him to an established standup comedy artist, only to become a filmmaker later. Woody Allen,...

Alfred Hitchcock – The Filmmaker and the Best 15 Films from his Oeuvre

Alfred Hitchcock being one the finest filmmakers in the history of world cinema, is known for directing some great suspense movies. As an auteur with an illustrious career spanning over five decades, he has over 30 titles in his opulent oeuvre. Although, Hitchcock is...
MacGuffins used in Films

Top 11 Movie MacGuffins

'MacGuffin' is a term in movie jargon, which was coined by English screenwriter Angus MacPhail. However, it was legendary filmmaker Sir Alfred Hitchcock who made the word popular in world cinema during the 1930s. The idea behind this concept was that the characters in...
Stanley Kubrick

A Brief Guide to Stanley Kubrick’s Oeuvre

If there is a filmmaker who continuously switched genres with his every directorial venture, but could still show consistency in terms of quality and style, it’s none other than Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick was an eccentric perfectionist who used to take control over all the...
Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino – A Novel Screenwriter and Pastiche Filmmaker

Before entering Hollywood, Tarantino was a cinephile, working at a video store as a sales boy and clerk. He used to recommend films to buyers. While he was working at the video store, he met quite a few influential people, and one of those...