‘What I’d Say!’

What’s the first thing that comes to mind while listening to this rather assertive combination of words? Let us guess!

Opinions? Individualism? The distinctiveness of thoughts? Righteousness? Or just honesty?

Perhaps all of them!

We believe that it is important to have a unique perspective on things or in other words to have an opinion of your own rather than following the “trend”. Each individual has a mind that can think and eyes that can see – that can see from a different perspective leading to a difference in thoughts.

It was a bright morning when we were busy listening and even humming the dazzling jazzy track by Ray Charles which is titled ‘What I’d Say!’ and our minds took a deep plunge into an idea that we have now implemented to make a difference.

‘What I’d Say!’ is a bunch of eccentric individuals who are on a creative pursuit and firmly believe in the fact that in this opinionated world, each opinion counts regardless of a person’s profession, literacy or for that matter cultural belonging. We love to share our knowledge and opinions about things we are passionate about and are very open to readers’ perception about things.

In fact, we think that ‘What I’d Say!’ is incomplete without ‘What you’d Say!’

Talking of our interests, they are varied. We are majorly into art forms. Predominantly, writers belonging to ‘What I’d Say!’ breathe Films, eat Books and feel Music. Apart from that, they never think twice before embarking on a journey. Impromptu traveling is just our thing and we don’t glorify it calling wanderlust. It is always followed by a short travelogue or itinerary write up that helps the audience in their travel plan. Apart from that, we have a gadget freak guy, who has a penchant for changing phones and other similar gadgets every now and then and loves to research about new technologies that are making changes in how the world works.

We also believe that health and wellness are aspects that make the world a better place to live, so we cater our readers the best tips on fitness for which we do exhaustive research.

Our main motto is to utilize each facet of the lives we are leading and blending it with our knowledge in order to cater to audiences something that is substantial and adds value.

So, what is ‘What I’d Say!’

We don’t say that it is our passion project. It is joie de vivre to us, as it gives us sheer pleasure to opine and more importantly listen to the ones who are opinionated too.

Feel free to share your say with us!



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