4 Must Read Books by Sidney Sheldon


One of the bestselling authors since more than five decades, Sidney Sheldon’s books continue the legacy, even after his death left a huge void in 2007. He even wrote the comedy such as ‘The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer’, which got him an Academy Award as well. Apart from this, he also created the ‘The Patty Duke Show’, ‘I Dream of Jeannie’, and ‘Hart to Hart’, which also received a lot of acclaim. In his later stage of life, Sidney Sheldon began writing romantic thrillers, which earned him a lot of fame as one of the bestselling writers of this genre. Here are our favorite 4 books of the legend, picked out for you:

1. The Stars Shine Down –

The Stars Shine Down - Best Books of Sidney Sheldon
The Stars Shine Down – Best Books of Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon has unleashed his stance on feminism in this novel ‘The Stars Shine Down’. The plot revolves around Lara Cameron. It follows her journey, as she blossoms from a young, timid, but brave little girl, who does kitchen work, to her magnanimous transformation into a real estate developer, the ‘Iron Butterfly’.

2. Rage of Angels –

Rage of Angels - Best books of Sidney Sheldon

A truly inspiring story, ‘Rage of Angels’ is one of our personal favorites. The novel follows trials and tribulations of a young, aspiring lawyer, Jennifer Parker, who has crossed her ways with Mafia, and ends up representing them. Meanwhile, she also manages to get romantically involved with a Senator, running for Presidential elections. Amidst the romance, a thrilling drama ensues.

3. Bloodline –

Bloodline - Best Books of Sidney Sheldon
Bloodline – Best Books of Sidney Sheldon

Again, our favourite. We can’t seem to choose just one, even if we had to! ‘Bloodline’ is a gripping tale of the Roffe family. Roffe family’s patriarch, Sam Roffe, is a pharma moghul, and manages the firm ‘Roffe and Sons’. After his ‘sudden’ death, soon, the family members are at loggerheads with each other, regarding selling out the company- much against the wishes of the daughter, Elizabeth Roffe, the heir of the company.

4. The Other Side of Me –

The Other Side of Me - Best Books of Sidney Sheldon
The Other Side of Me – Best Books of Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon’s journey towards the fame and stardom was not so easy. After writing for numerous years, the author decided to pen down his life journey. The autobiographical novel traces his journeys, his tough times, especially when Sidney Sheldon’s entire family was grappling with financial crisis. Despite of the adversities, he managed to pursue his dream of becoming a writer, that too, a successful one.

Sidney Sheldon still remains one of the favorite authors, even after decades of his works being published. His stories are intricately woven- are not too complex, not too simple either. They are alluring, and captivating, and you would not want to put the book down till you have done reading it all! Sidney Sheldon’s works have truly made him an immortal being.


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