13 Tips for Effective Writing

Writing Tips

The art of writing is misconstrued, or missing entirely, in the age of technological advancements. The automated keyboards and several other applications as well as websites may have certainly made our lives easier, but it is essential to know the basics and get them right, for effective and impactful writing.

1. Organize before you write

Jot down the points that are needed to be covered. Arrange them in a chronological order and a logical flow, to keep your readers engaged. Without a proper organization, however qualitative the writing may be, it would not be appealing and effective enough.

Writing Tips

2. Drafting is easy

It is fairly easy to begin drafting, once you have organized the content that needs to covered. Make a comprehensive list of points to be covered, merge similar points, strike out redundancies, and revise. Remember- first draft will never be the final one.

Writing tips

3. Start where it is the easiest

Writing conclusions or introductions can be nerve-wrecking, at times. You may as well get stuck in the ‘body’ part of your writing.

Start where you feel it is relatively easy and less stressful, and work your way out, gradually.

Let the words come to you, in the flow.

Writing tips

4. Verbs= Energy

Use the verbs appropriately- especially, the helping verbs. Use verbs sparingly, but don’t forget to use them whenever required, especially the helping verbs, which are an inseparable part of the sentence.

Writing tips

5. Avoid exclusionary words

One of the vital keys to effective writing is to avoid terms that may cause a controversy- be it gender-specific or religion/caste centric. Steer clear of the usage of terminology which may spark a controversy or a heated argument, no matter how tempting it is, especially in certain situations.

Writing tips

6. Avoid Jargons

Technical ‘jargons’ are a big turn offs! Sometimes, the core meaning of the writing gets lost in jargon, giving way to misinterpretations. Use only when there is an absolute necessity- to convey an idea or a concept which requires elaboration.

Writing tips

7. Use the Oxford commas

Got lots to say and the sentences are really long?

Oxford comma to the rescue!

Key to impactful writing is to avoid ambiguity by all means. This is the comma that is used after the penultimate name or category, in the list. Using Oxford comma is one of the most important steps in ensuring a highly effective writing.

Writing tips

8. Double check punctuation

‘Let’s eat Grandpa’

‘Let’s eat, Grandpa.’

See the difference?

Ensure that the efforts taken to create impactful writing do not go in vain, just because of a displacement of a comma or a semi-colon. The power of punctuation is ridiculously underestimated- check rigorously, you would certainly not want a silly error to ruin the meaning.

9. Own your work

Be absolutely convinced of what you write, and be accountable for it. These are the two key elements for effective writing.

Eg: “I suggest” is meek.

“I recommend” is powerful.

Writing tips

10. Paragraphs- 7 lines or less

Attention span on social media or websites is now measured in seconds- be concise. Ensure that the content is precise, and remove redundancies.

Chuck the ‘embellishments’ for the language.

Writing tips

11. Make it easy for reader to scan

Ensure that there is adequate spacing, bullet points help is capturing the attention. Make optimum utilization of spacing and alignment. Readers spend less time actually reading through the articles, make your writing easy to be skimmed through.

12. Editing is last

Proofreading is an absolute must, and a key to effective and accurate writing. Spare at least 10 % of the total time for proofreading- this will portray that you care about you write.

Writing Tips

13. Find an Editor

Don’t be ‘afraid’ of criticism. No writing can be perfect and impactful without feedback. Shed those inhibitions, and face the criticism, to become a better writer.

Constructive criticism is highly beneficial and recommended for your writing.

Ask. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

May you embark on the journey towards becoming a writer, and having your own way with words!

These tips shall certainly see you through, and help you become a better writer!


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