What’s on the Cards in House of Cards Season 6 – The Finale!

House of Cards Season 6 Netflix India
House of Cards Season 6 Netflix India

After all the ruckus around the production of House of Cards season 6 and Kevin Spacey’s dismal departure because of the abysmal sexual assault allegations against him, the wait is finally going to be over with House of Cards season 6 releasing on November 2, 2018, on Netflix India. Oh, wait! It’s like tomorrow. But it has become possible after a lot of hurdles that came its way.

The Struggle behind House of Cards Season 6 –

The Baltimore Sun had reported that the production of Season 6 will begin by the end of October 2017. The production was already under progress on October 18, 2017. Everything was going seamlessly fine until a gunman open fired near a set of House of Cards in Baltimore. However, Netflix had stated that the open firing didn’t affect the production. The season’s production was abruptly shut down on October 30, 2017, when the actor Anthony Rapp publically stated the Kevin Spacey had sexually assaulted him when he was 14 years old. Subsequently, Netflix had announced the cancellation of the season.

The Production of House of Cards Season 6 - Netflix
A Still from the Sets of House of Cards Season 6

Robin Wright had opposed the decision showing concerns about nearly 2,500 people who would lose their jobs. Thereafter, on November 3, 2017, Netflix had announced that they will never work in association with Kevin Spacey by any means.House of Cards had resumed production on January 31, 2018, and the filming had ended on May 25, 2018. In the absence of Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright will be the leading character of season 6.

Before season 6, let us take a quick recap of season 1 to 5. (Spoiler alerts!)

A Quick Recap of House of Cards Season 1 to 5 –

House of Cards Season 1 –

House of Cards Season 1 - House of Cards Season 6 Netflix India
A Still from House of Cards Season 1

It introduces us to Frank Underwood, a wily politician who is a US Congressman from South Carolina. He marries Claire – the CEO of an environmental organization. He feeds stories to the journalist Zoe Barnes. Zoe parts away when she along with her fellow journalists comes to know about the truth behind the murder of Peter Russo – a fellow Congressman.

Claire has an affair with photographer Adam Galloway. In a parallel scene, President Garret Walker declares Frank as Vice-President. Basically, season 1 portrays Underwood as someone who can do anything to acquire power.

House of Cards Season 2 –

House of Cards Season 1 - House of Cards Season 6 Netflix India
A Still from House of Cards Season 1

The associate Raymon Tusk identifies that Frank is trying to ruin President’s career. He hires Seth Grayson to look into Vice President’s practices. However, Seth ends up becoming Frank’s Press Secretary. Frank pushes Zoe under a train when she gets close to the truth about the death of Peter Russo. We get to know Frank’s successors as House Whip, Jacky Sharp who has a fling with Remy Denton a power broker in the west wing.

Remy Denton who was Frank’s Chief of Staff now helps Tusk in his pursuit. The new Chief of Staff – Doug is obsessed with Rachel who seemingly kills him by hitting him over the head with a rock. This becomes a huge scandal and Garret Walker resigns from the post of President. Tusk gets arrested, making way for Frank to become President at the Oval Office.

House of Cards Season 3 –

House of Cards Season 3 - House of Cards Season 6 Netflix India
A Still from House of Cards Season 3

After becoming the most powerful man in the world, Frank ends up making more enemies. He also hires Tom Yates to write a book on how he has planned to ameliorate the unemployment in America. The Palestinian-Israeli peace treaty between Frank and Russian President Victor Petrov is ruined when a lady who is appointed as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations destroys a press conference.

Thereafter, Petrov demands her resignation which Frank happily wants to oblige. On the other hand, Heather Dunbar launches her own campaign for Presidency. In a parallel scene, we see that Doug is still alive and is getting back to normal. After murdering Rachel, Doug approaches Frank to get his job back. Frank denies and Doug supports Dunbar only to double cross later in the series. Claire leaves the White House in the last episode.

House of Cards Season 4 –

House of Cards Season 4 - House of Cards Season 6 Netflix India
A Still from House of Cards Season 4

Claire shares her aspirations of becoming Vice President with Frank. She also threatens him with divorce if he doesn’t agree with the proposal. Latterly, she gets into an extra-marital affair with Tom Yates. Frank gets shot only to survive and get back to the presidency. We also witness Frank having death dreams and hallucinations that include Zoe and Peter. The man who tries to assassinate Frank turns out to be Lucas Goodwin whom Edward Meechum kills. Meechum also dies in the crossfire.

Later in season 4, we get to know Frank’s Republican rival, Will Conway. He is an ex-military guy who thinks that he can destroy ICO (read ISIS). Frank has to work with Conway after terrorists take hostage of a family. Two hostages get released while Frank arranges for ICO leader to be held hostage in a safe house in Virginia. ICO leader commands the terrorists to kill the rest of the hostages. Frank comes up with a new and more importantly, a cunning tactic of passively threatening people to vote for him by showing the live stream of hostages getting beheaded.

House of Cards Season 5 –

House of Cards Season 5 - House of Cards Season 6 Netflix India
A Still from House of Cards Season 5

House of Cards season 5 was the most unpredictable one with a gamut of twists and turns. It kickoffs with Frank stealing the election after he manages to convince the governor of Tennessee to enforce a curfew based on false information about a terrorist attack. He vilifies Conway by releasing an audio tape in which Conway is threatening a pilot to give him the charge of the plane. Subsequently, Conway fails the Ohio vote. Later on, Frank has an affair with Eric. Frank invites Eric to the White House. He asks Eric to become his personal trainer. Frank’s affection depletes while Eric’s attraction towards him increases. Eric is shot dead while he jumps the White House Fence brewing another conspiracy.

Doug’s widow Laura and Frank get into a serious affair. When Frank confesses his involvement in Doug’s murder, Laura reveals that her marriage with Doug was a part of vengeance. Thereafter, in the second last episode, Cathy tries to play games with Frank and is obviously killed by him in a shocking event wherein he pushes her down the stairs. Claire accepts that Frank can kill people for power and we get to know that she can do the same too. She seduces and poisons Tom Yates after he completes the book on the Underwoods which can reveal the darkest of the tales. House of Cards season 5 finishes with Frank resigning and Claire becoming the President.

What We Can Expect in House of Cards Season 6 – The Finale!

House of Cards Season 6 - Netflix India
A Still from House of Cards Season 6

Frank has left the scene (Presidency) making way for Claire to lead the show and it sounds more like a blessing in disguise. Maybe, the writer had seen the Spacey debacle as a premonition. Guffaws! There are shots of Frank’s hands at his open-casket funeral which makes it clear that he dies. It will be interesting to see how the makers explain the death. Perhaps, they may show suicide as a repercussion of his political downfall! Well, sounds like a good idea and more importantly, a convenient one. It may also be possible that season 6 will use Frank’s untimely death as a narrative tool; thereafter, exploring the reasons or more likely, they shall impart a whodunit angle to the season.

There is a lot in store for Claire to deal with owing to Frank’s malpractices and allegations against him. The most interesting aspect in House of Cards season 6 is how the makers show Claire as the President whose modus operandi is quite opposite to that of Frank. Moreover, it will get intriguing if they attempt to explore the gender inequality in politics. There are new characters like siblings right-wing influencers Annette and Bill Shepherd (Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear respectively). It is conspicuous that Bill is one of those sexist men who shows retort towards a female leader.

Claire, seemingly alone in the battle, will be the central character surrounded by demons. So, House of Cards season 6 surely sounds another roller-coaster ride of appetite for power, filthy killings, avaricious aspiration, and some more dirty politics.

With an anticipation of what seems more than engaging, we hope that House of Cards season 6 doesn’t turn out to be that project which a team had to complete for the sake of it.

Fingers crossed until we actually get to see what’s on the cards in House of Cards season 6 on Netflix India! All we can do is fasten our seat belts for another roller-coaster ride.

Do let us know what you think about the upcoming House of Cards season 6.


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