Agatha Christie’s Best ‘Poirot’ Works

Agatha Christie - Top Books
Agatha Christie - Top Books

With over 2 billion copies sold worldwide, Agatha Christie is the undisputed writer of detective novels. She even wrote the play, the murder-mystery, ‘The Mousetrap’, the world’s longest running play, with more than 27,000 performances, from 1952, till this date. Her books and characters, including Mr. Poirot and Ms. Marple have always been a favorite of all age groups across the globe. Agatha Christie’s writing style is quite gripping and captivating, leaving the readers in sheer frenzy, and on the edge of their seats! One of the major characters in Agatha Christie’s books is the Belgian witty detective, Hercule Poirot. He is the protagonist in several books.  Here are our favorite books involving the detective chosen for you:

1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd:

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Agatha Christie's best 'Poirot' works
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Agatha Christie

‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’ is one of the first few books of Agatha Christie. This book led to her to a wide critical and literary acclaim as well as fame. This particular book changed Agatha Christie’s career. The most loved character, Hercule Poirot, is featured in this story as well. The novel is quite controversial for its remarkable and unexpected ending. Several critics consider this work of Agatha Christie as a masterpiece. As the name suggests, the plot follows the murder mystery of Roger Ackroyd, who was melancholic, about having lost his fiancé to suicide.

2. Endless Night:

Endless Nights - Agatha Christie's best 'Poirot' works
Endless Nights – Agatha Christie

This novel is one of the personal favorites of Agatha Christie. The story revolves around the young Michael Rogers, and his love story with Fenella Guteman. They move into a cursed estate, and things do not go as planned, even the love story. Incidentally, Michael is also the narrator. The narration is nothing less than memorable. Agatha Christie uses supernatural elements in the story, which makes it even more intriguing.

3. Murder on the Orient Express:

Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie's best 'Poirot' works
Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is one of the most famous novels of Agatha Christie. The sharp detective Poirot, happens to be travelling, but is summoned to London. He hops upon the Orient Express, which consists of an interesting group of passengers. He does not like a particular character, ‘Ratchett’, a business tycoon, who approaches him with his own case. His life is in danger, but Poirot refuses to take the case, simply because ‘he does not like his face’. Ratchett is murdered, and with the murderer still on the train, Poirot has a race to finish.

4. The ABC Murders:

The ABC Murders - Agatha Christie's best 'Poirot' works
The ABC Murders – Agatha Christie

Who does not love murder mysteries, that too, the ones involving serial killers? We love this as Agatha Christie has involved the usage of psychology in the story, which makes even more intriguing. The plot revolves around the trials and tribulations of the proud Poirot. He is ‘challenged’ by the killer on the loose. The murderer is killing the people off one by one, alphabetically, and leaving clues for the detective.

Apart from these, there are several others, which are our absolute favorites- such as ‘And Then There Were None’, ‘Death On The Nile’, The Mysterious Affair At Styles’, and we can go on and on! We also adore Miss Marple, the seemingly sweet and innocent but sharp detective, as well as Tommy and Tuppence, the dynamic duo, who appear in a few novels as well. Certainly, Agatha Christie has contributed to the English Literature in the most remarkable way possible.


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