10 Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Website

Website Traffic
Website Traffic

Making a website and adding content in the form of blogs has become an imperative for brands. While making a blog is relatively easy, what is difficult is to make it successful. A successful blog needs SEO and a lot of traffics. SEO can be learned gradually, but it is necessary for you to know ways you can attract more traffic to your blog. Also, the traffic needs to be organic. There are many ways to bring traffic to your website. Here are some of them –

1. Make social media accounts of your brand –

Most of the internet users across the globe are on social media. Sharing the blogs from your website on your social media handles is a very basic digital marketing strategy. By doing this, you can ensure that your blog would reach to a lot of people, thereby increasing more traffic. You should not leave any stone unturned in going social. Create accounts on all social media right from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. This is one of the most common ways to bring traffic to your website.

2. Write headlines that are appealing –

A well written and comprehensive blog would go unnoticed and unread without a good headline. Most of the blogs that gather traction have called to action headlines. Such headlines make it irresistible for readers to click on the link. This is more of a clickbait but it’s one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website.

3. Follow others in your niche and add comments on their blogs –

This may not bring a lot of traffic to your website but it is necessary to make yourself heard in the industry. This can be done by providing thought-provoking and insightful comments. By doing this, not only you will gather followers but your brand would emerge out as a thought leader in your domain.

4. Invite a guest blogger and interview a thought leader in your domain –

Talking of the ways to bring traffic to your website and dare we forget a popular guest blogger. A guest blogger can be any person – a beginner to a thought leader in your domain. A blog written by a thought leader from your industry can make a great impact. It would authenticate your brand and enhance your online reputation. Similarly, you can interview such leaders from your industry. It is difficult to execute but there are a lot of leaders who would be more than happy to be interviewed. You can publish these interviews and it is quite likely that the interviewee would share the interview on his blog. This will bring interesting people and organic traffic to the website.

5. Use content submission websites and RSS feed –

You can create accounts on websites like Delicious, Digg it and Diigo. There are other platforms like Flipboard, Feedly, and Reddit where you can submit your blogs. However, when you execute this, ensure that you don’t end up spamming. In the case of Reddit, you can look for relevant subreddits where you can submit your content.

6. Link your blogs internally –

Whenever you create content on your blog, look for opportunities where you can interlink other blogs on your website. For example, a blog on social media strategy would have some aspects of digital marketing. You can use hyperlink of the same on that blog. This will provide a good experience to your readers as they will get all the information in one place. This helps in gaining more traffic as the reader would spend more time on your website.

7. Create a mobile version of your website –

Nowadays most of the readers are reading blogs on mobile. A research proves that 28% of the mobile searches are converting within an hour. So, it is necessary for your website to have a mobile version. This will improve the reader’s experience and it is more likely that the reader would visit your blog again. This can generate a lot of traffic to your website.

8. Use relevant Hashtags –

This is an obvious way of increasing traffic but a bit tricky. You can use a lot of hashtags to gain traffic. However, it is not sustainable if you spam your post using a gamut of hashtags, some of which are not even relevant. This will portray your brand as inauthentic. So, use hashtags that are relevant to the blog. Readers who arrive from such hashtags are more likely to come back to your blog.

9. Mix it up –

Keep varying the length and tone of your blogs. This will attract a different kind of readers on your website. Writing in the same tone would imbue monotony and there are chances that readers would skip the article after the first paragraph and look for other blogs to refer. Also, have different and eye-catching images on your blog. Sometimes, a reader might come to your website through image search.

10. Search Engine Optimization –

No other tip or method can outplay the good old SEO in the field of blogging. If your blogs are perfectly optimized to some keywords and you are able to provide information in the most readable form, you are more likely to be on the first page of search engine. This will drive more and consistent traffic to your website. Although there is no defined formula for SEO and there are many factors affecting the same, it is always better to have a plugin of an SEO tester like Yoast in your blog. This will guide you in the process of optimization by suggesting changes in your blog.

No matter how good you write or how creative you are, a website or blog without traffic is a copy that does not sell. So, it is imperative for content websites to leave no stone unturned to gather traction. There may be many other ways to bring traffic to your website that can be learnt through experience. However, the aforementioned points can play instrumental role.

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